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Re: Last Call: draft-klensin-rfc2821bis

2008-03-25 19:45:36
      er...  what about zones w/ A & AAAA rr's and no MX's?
      when I pull the A rr's, you are telling me that SMTP
      stops working?  That is so broken.

That's exactly the issue that's being debated now: The issue of what happens
when a domain has one or more AAAA records and no MX. RFC 2821 was ambiguous as
to what to do in this case. 2821bis currently says that AAAAs work the same as
As in this case. Several folks have expressed the opinion that this is wrong
and the right thing to do is to only allow the address record fallback for A
records. Othere have even gone so far as to say that fallback behavior should
be deprecated and eventually phased out in favor of requiring an MX entry for
SMTP transfer, although I don't believe anyone is advocating for making that
change in 2821bis.

You seem to be of the opinion that fallback behavior should be extended to
AAAA, and you seem to be the first one to express that opinion. (I myself have
no opinion on how to resolve this other than believing it has to be resolved -
the present ambigiuty is unacceptable.)

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