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Re: Last Call: draft-klensin-rfc2821bis

2008-03-26 04:42:08

At 00:57 26-03-2008, Mark Andrews wrote:
        Which is not documented in any RFC despite being a good idea.

        It is easy to turn "MX 0 ." into "This domain doesn't support
        email" as "." is not confusable with a hostname.  There is no
        reason to look up addresses records for "."

There was an I-D, draft-delany-nullmx-00, which didn't make it to RFC status.

        I was aware which is why I said "RFC" not "document".
        Which could just be a misconfiguration.   You still have to
        look up addresses for "dev.null".

Yes.  People still do it.

        Yes they do.  We, the IETF, have failed them by not providing
        them with a clear mechanism to do what they want without bad
        side effects.
If the implicit MX rule is depreciated for IPv6, the above won't be neede

        It's still needed to prevent the A lookup.

It would be needed until IPv6 takes over.

        It will be needed even *after* IPv6 takes over.  There will
        be lots of queries for A records long after the majority
        of hosts don't have A records.

        We need to remove the implict MX from A to prevent the A
        record lookups occuring as things currently stand.

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