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Poster sessions

2011-01-06 03:28:14
I've never attended an IETF meeting.  Why?  Because it seems to me quite
unlikely to have a chance to say something useful by going there.  I mean
useful with respect to a problem that I consider important.  That is, not
just a minimal contribution to an already scheduled session that I may happen
to attend.  Perhaps, I should request a session...

Problems are often expressed in the form of tentative solutions.  Such
solutions may occasionally happen to be discussed, refined, and agreed upon
by a group of individuals.  Implementation, standardization, and adoption may
eventually follow  --not necessarily in this order.  Isn't this how the IRTF
and the IETF should work?

A poster session would be a sort of plenary, lasting a couple of hours or so,
with posters hanged on numbered hardboard panels arranged along a walkway.  A
poster may be sized A0, or ~50 in, or consist of an equivalent number of
smaller sheets.  Posters may stay exposed for a few hours before/after the
scheduled time period.  During the session time, however, authors should
stand beside their posters and thus have their chance to talk to any
interested ietfers, one by one or in small knots, informally.  A few dozens
of posters per session may provide for adequate gathering.

IME, this way of participating is easier and less binding for both authors
and attendees.  A poster would suit subjects for which it's difficult to
carve a niche within a hosting WG's session, but it may also work as a means
to achieve consensus on a given topic before raising it in a more official

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