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RE: Poster sessions

2011-01-06 14:20:28
From: Sam Hartman [hartmans-ietf(_at_)mit(_dot_)edu]

I think the bar of producing an internet draft is low
enough.  Regardless of what mechanisms we adopt to give people a chance
to try and sell their drafts, I think it is critical that we require the
drafts to be written.

Actually, the bar for writing an I-D is near zero, so it should not be a 
barrier to presenting
any idea, no matter how half-baked.  A more significant effect is that an I-D 
is in text form
rather than poster form so it tends to direct the writer to a more 
thought-through presentation.

But most importantly, an I-D is globally available and globally announced, 
whereas a poster
session at an IETF meeting would be inherently limited to those physically 
present, which is biased
toward frequent attendees, those with sponsorship from large organizations, and 
those from the
developed world.  Historically, the IETF has tried to limit biases in favor of 
those groups.

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