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Re: Poster sessions

2011-01-06 09:12:38

On Thu, 6 Jan 2011, Yoav Nir wrote:

A poster session sounds cool, but it works well when the presenters are
companies, rather than individuals. To get a good A0 poster, you need
access to printing services (which are not cheap, but doable) and
graphic design talent, which is neither cheap nor common in IETF
attendees.  To get such a poster up, I would need either my company's
sponsorship, or else use my own talents in graphic design: Hmm, #12FF12.
Now there's a nice shade of green for a background. As for fonts, let's
go with Mistral, because

My just completed her MS in Nutrition and Food Science. As part of her
program she had to produce two posters. It turns out to be quite easy
to use PowerPoint to create poster sized slides ... in one case a single
very large slide and in the other, 3 slides, one per tri-fold panel. I 
forget what FedEx Office (aka Kinko's) would have charged, and our local
large format print ship would have been less as the company I was working
for allowed me to use their large format HP printer, but it was in the
order of $200. Quite reasonable for someone to spend to put forth an 
idea they are passionate about with or without sponsorship. And as
others have noted, printed pages fastened to a board is much cheaper.

Seems like a few tables at one end of the break area could be setup
if there are just a few such presentations at a meeting, or if this
becomes popular, reserve a meeting room near the break area. Schedule
a couple specific breaks/lunch times as Poster BOFs when the presenters
would be there and include a list of topics, etc. in the meeting

Probably require an ID to backup the material.

Dave Morris 
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