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Re: Use of "unassigned" in IANA registries

2011-01-16 16:30:54
On 14 jan 2011, at 23:06, Martin Rex wrote:

Frankly, I'm actually more concerned about code assignments for
severely IPR-impaired algorithms (e.g. Elliptic Curve related)
than about GOST.  (Admittedly, the GOST 34.10-2001 signature
algorithm appears to use Elliptic curve math, and it's entirely
unclear to me whether and how existing EC-related IPR claims might

Withholding registration just means that people are going to pick an 
unregistered number with all the problems that that entails. In cases where 
there are no scarcity issues registration should happen as long as there is a 
reasonable expectation of non-negligible use, regardless of whether the 
registered protocol is endorsed by the IETF (whatever that means) or IANA.
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