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Re: Structure of IETF meeting weeks (was: Re: IAOC requesting input on (potential) meeting cities)

2017-04-18 18:45:11
On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 04:08:46PM -0700, Bob Hinden wrote:
Regarding powerpoint, the problem isn't the use of slides, it the w.g., 
chairs not dealing with presenters who shows up with 20 slides for a 10 
minutes slot, and the chairs not allocating enough time for a real 


So how about we experiment with allowing recordings of presentations to be 
added to
the meeting material upfronts. Aka: you can have a long detailled presentation, 
but not
during the WG time slot, but upload it eg: one week in before. Then during your 
10 min slot
you can have only <= 4 slides.

Not sure what our current tooling would say about presentation recording files.
Whats the best current "standard" for that, eg: file format with slides and 
that can be created by multiple apps...

I know what you're thinking "another idiot that thinks technology can improve 
the world".

I think the meetings would be a lot more productive if a w.g. could have a 
meeting at the start of the week, work on the the issues during the week, 
send updates to the mailing list, have email and face to face discussions, 
and then have a second session at the end of the week to get consensus.  
Clearly, impossible to schedule this with our current number of working 
groups, but I think it would make for a more productive week.

Thats what we try to do in anima where we luckily did get two meetings so far.
This is non-applicable to more WGs because the cost for more smaller rooms goes 
or multitaskers could not multiplex enough work anymore ??




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