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Re: Minor editorial change to draft-ietf-dnsop-sutld-ps

2017-07-04 08:53:43
how depressing.  one obvious curiousity is who asked the one-sided
question?  otoh, maybe i don't want to know.  but i wish you had
perceived a wider responsibility to the community.

It was discussed at length in the working group, so I would say that
you could In principle have raised this concern sooner.  However, I
will admit that it didnʼt occur to me to do so either. In any case, it
really is a separate issue from that covered by this draft, and so
thereʼs no reason why we canʼt do this work if you think itʼs worth
doing. Given the situation with ICANN and GTLD, it may be moot, but I
wouldnʼt mind writing it down.

we really should not cover our eyes when we send in the assassins.

i would offer to put my keyboard where my mouth is.  but i fear that, at
the bottom, i would have the unreasonable desire for dns classes to
support these kinds of things.  i.e. i don't think we have a clean fix.
but it would be nice to document the good with the bad.