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Re: Minor editorial change to draft-ietf-dnsop-sutld-ps

2017-07-04 09:03:52
i would offer to put my keyboard where my mouth is.  but i fear that,
at the bottom, i would have the unreasonable desire for dns classes
to support these kinds of things.  i.e. i don't think we have a clean
fix.  but it would be nice to document the good with the bad.

That sounds like a solution, not a motivation. That is, you care about
the problem hypothetically, and have a hypothetical solution. In
practice when weʼve talked about using dns classes to solve problems
that have motivated rfc6761 allocations, it hasnʼt really helped,
because the infrastructure required to use them this way is not
present, and this isnʼt how they were originally intended to be used.

For example, is with a different class not a subdomain of
the .org TLD? Would ICANN not object to us designating it for use by
someone else?  I suspect yes, and I wouldnʼt blame them.

sorry.  maybe it would have helped if i had put UNREASONABLE DESIRE in
upper case.