Re: Format=flowed

2002-11-01 10:34:28
On November 1, 2002 at 10:01, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

1. Maxwidth

Ken Hirsch wrote:
I purposely did not use the maxwidth parameter for format=flowed 
because there are explicit provisions in RFC2646 for longer lines.

The maxwidth argument does not break lines without spaces, even if they 
exceed the maxwidth length, so those provisions wouldn't be violated. I 
think that maxwidth should be recognized also for fixed paragraphs in 
format=flowed messages:

I think this is reasonable request.  Even though a proper format=flowed
message should not have long lines, it might happen.

2. Quote marks separated by space

I have noticed examples of messages whose quote marks are separated by 
spaces, like:


instead of:


even if they were generated as format=flowed. Accordingly, it may be a 
good idea to use the same code for counting the quote marks as is 
applied for the "fancyquote" option. This might not be in accordance 
with RFC2646, but it would lead to more nicely converted messages.

I prefer to stick with RFC2646 on this matter since it would violate
the space stuffing rules to do something like fancyquote.  If a
user sees this as a problem with the messages they archive, they
could set the following options to the filter: disableflowed fancyquote.

3. Controlling the body font

Personally I have concluded that the mixing of fixed and variable width 
fonts, which the current handling of format=flowed results in, isn't 
good-looking. Accordingly, I prefer a fixed font all through, and I so 
far I have achieved it by adding these resource settings:
and setting the style "font-family: 'courier new', monospace". However, 
even if this style declaration only is intended to affect conversion of 
text/plain messages, it will appear in other messages as well. Whether 
it makes a difference in the other messages or not, it would be 
convenient IMO if such <div></div> elements were generated by instead.

You can use the quoteclass=classname option to the
filter to define the CLASS attribute for the blockquote elements,
overriding the inline style settings.  You stylesheet can then define
the font-family for the class to get fixed width only for those

Now, a question worth asking is if by default a fixed font should
be used for format=flowed, even for the flowed text, similiar to
how Mozilla renders format=flowed messages.


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