Re: Problem Running MHonArc with Cron

1996-01-22 15:44:36
Using MHonArc, I create hypertext archives of three different mailing 
lists that I let people see.  I'm using Procmail to detect and 
route the messages to the proper IN.* file (I use the "mbox" option 
on MHonArc), and then use cron to check once an hour to see if 
there any new messages in the appropriate IN.* file.

For some strange reason (which could be more related to cron than 
MHonArc, but I'm not sure), on two of the lists MHonArc is actually 
invoked every hour, whether or not the IN.* file has been updated.  
The third one works as I expect, that is, MHonArc actually runs (and 
updates the msg*.*, threads.html, and maillist.html files) only when 
it detects that there are new messages.

I've gone over the respective *.rc files for each archive, and 
they're virtually identical.  I'm invoking MHonArc from cron in 
exactly the same way (with the same options) on all of the lists, 
using the "quiet" option.  

Could you post how you are invoking mhonarc via cron?  This may

This "rerunning" is a problem, because I'm letting my users know the
date when the archive was last updated using the "flastmod"
server-side include function, and on the two malfunctioning lists it
always shows that the archive was updated today, even though the
most recent message may be days ago.

Hmmm.  I'm unfamiliar with "flastmod" and how it explicitly works.

Once thing to try is to use the $CURDATE$ or $GMTDATE$ variables
in your index pages customization resources.  If mhonarc updates
an archive, these variables will get expanded to the date/time the
archive was modified.  I.e.  It may be unnecessary to utilize
a server-side include to tell your readers when the archive was
last updated.


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