Re: Problem Running MHonArc with Cron

1996-01-23 12:38:48
Achim Bohnet said:
itsol(_at_)io(_dot_)com said:

IMHO MHonArc should only update the archive files if a message with a
new Message-Id is found. Earl Hood mentioned earlier that he has
rewritten the 'read messages code'. Maybe its fixed in the next
release. So lets wait for his final word :-)

If you can wait modify your crontab entry. Instead of unconditionally
calling mhonarc use something like

         test /path/to/mbox -nt /path/to/mhonarcdb && mhonarc ....

In this case mhonarc will only be called when the IN.* mbox is modified
after the .mhonarc.db is writen. This also saves the startup of mhonarc
and the scan of the mbox.

Hope this helps,

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