Re: Problem Running MHonArc with Cron

1996-01-23 12:10:40
itsol(_at_)io(_dot_)com said:
45  *  *  *  *  /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/mhonarc -mbox -add 
-quiet -maxsize 40 -rcfile /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/transpl/
transpl2.rc -outdir /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/transpl /usr/u/i/

50  *  *  *  *  /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/mhonarc -mbox -add 
-quiet -maxsize 40 -rcfile /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/dot/dot1.rc 
-outdir /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/dot /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/

55  *  *  *  *  /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/mhonarc -mbox -add 
-quiet -maxsize 40 -rcfile /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/itsl/
itsl1.rc -outdir /usr/u/i/itsol/public-web/mha/itsl /usr/

The problem is the -maxsize 40 switch. itsl has < 40
messages. The other have > 40 messages in their mbox. MHonArc updates
always (with no need) the index files as soon as the mbox contains
more messages than specified by -maxsize.

IMHO MHonArc should only update the archive files if a message with a
new Message-Id is found. Earl Hood mentioned earlier that he has
rewritten the 'read messages code'. Maybe its fixed in the next
release. So lets wait for his final word :-)


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