no add on WinNT

1997-08-09 02:15:27
I can't get MHonarc to create a new archive list under Windows NT v3.51.  My
mail messages exist in a separate directory as individual files *.msg.
Using this command line; "perl mhonarc\mhonarc -add -outdir W:\maillist
*.msg" will give a message; "Reading B00000000.msg, Reading B00000001.msg,
etc. . . no new messages".  I suspect that my mail is not in a format
recognized by MHonarc.  The documentation makes reference to "mbox" format,
but donesn't explain what it is.  Am I on the right track?  If so, how do I
get my mail into a format recognized by MHonarc?  EMWAC v0.9 is our mail
server (SMTP, POP3) and Eudora v1.5.2 is the mail client.  TIA. 
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