RE: no add on WinNT

1997-08-11 13:54:32
On Mon, 11 Aug 1997 14:05:45 -0400, Steve Pacenka <sp17(_at_)cornell(_dot_)edu> 

MHonArc distinguishes between mbox and mh input message files by testing 
whether its trailing arguments are directories or plain files.  Directory 
arguments (like ".") are assumed to refer to directories containing mh-type 
files.  File arguments (like *.msg) are assumed to refer to mbox-type 
files.  The error resulted from MHonArc treating mh-type files as mbox-type 

  I guess that brings us back to the possible format problem.  You don't
think my Perl port could be a problem, do you?  Activeware doesn't support
all the core functions, fork() is a notable no-go on NT. 
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