RE: no add on WinNT

1997-08-11 07:30:18
On Saturday, August 09, 1997 3:21 AM, Concordia Net Web Master 
[SMTP:WebHead(_at_)concordia(_dot_)net] wrote:
I can't get MHonarc to create a new archive list under Windows NT v3.51. 
mail messages exist in a separate directory as individual files *.msg.
Using this command line; "perl mhonarc\mhonarc -add -outdir W:\maillist
*.msg" will give a message; "Reading B00000000.msg, Reading 
etc. . . no new messages".  I suspect that my mail is not in a format
recognized by MHonarc.  The documentation makes reference to "mbox" 
but donesn't explain what it is.  Am I on the right track?  If so, how do 
get my mail into a format recognized by MHonarc?  EMWAC v0.9 is our mail
server (SMTP, POP3) and Eudora v1.5.2 is the mail client.  TIA.

MHonArc understands two message file formats, "MH" and "MBOX".  The former 
has one message per file, the latter has one or more messages per file each 
preceded by one line of text in a standard format, in Eudora's case star  
ting with "From " .

Are you trying to convert messages downloaded by Eudora, or messages stored 
on the machine running EMWAC?  Assuming the former ...

None of the Eudoras I've used employ the .msg extension for their normal 
"folder" files.  Are these .msg files created by using "Save As" on 
Eudora's file menu?  If so, they may no longer contain the standard header 
which MHonArc relies on to discover the sender, subject, message ID number, 
etc.  Send one of them to me as an attached file and I'll have a look.

If the .msg files belong to EMWAC, it's possible that these are in the MH 
format and could be processed by specifying the directory name containing 
them, rather than the wildcard file name.  MHonArc expects to see 
directories on its command line for MH-format messages.

-- SP

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