Re: [ADMIN] Looking for a new home for the mhonarc list server

1998-04-23 13:34:07
J C Lawrence wrote:
On Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:15:42 +0200 
Achim Bohnet<ach(_at_)mpe(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de> wrote:

Due to personal time constrains (and hardware/network reorganization
here) I would like to ask if someone may host the mhonarc mailing
list. (I can continue to serve a public list archive here.)


Good to know.
Any takers?

I can have it set up and running within a couple minutes.  Just send
me the current membership list.

Of course I leave it up to Earl Hood what will happen.  He's most
involved into mhonarc so help best can decide what's usefull for him
(or consulting a dice if there are too many equivalent offers).
It would be nice if you could send him (cc to me, I'm curious) how
'save' the hosting is.  E.g., if I get hit by a truck there it would
be hard to find someone else to continue the support here.

Thanks again
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