Re: [ADMIN] Looking for a new home for the mhonarc list server

1998-04-23 14:35:49
Earl Hood wrote:
On April 23, 1998 at 15:15, Achim Bohnet wrote:

Due to personal time constrains (and hardware/network reorganization here)
I would like to ask if someone may host the mhonarc mailing list. (I can
continue to serve a public list archive here.)

Any takers?

Since there is more than one person who has responded to Achim's
request, I suggest that those who have responded (and may still
respond) please provide the following information:

    o        Do you have the time to respond timely to administrative
     requests and list problems?

    o        If something happens to you (quit job, move, etc ...) that
     makes it impossible for you to do you duties as list
     administrator, will someone be available to take your place?

Hmm, so maybe it best to add

        o can also serve a WWW list archive for mhonarc  list.
          I guess prefered software to do it is mhonarc :-).

Reason is I can only promise to do it here until ~ Mar 1999.  I assume
that the list archives here will continued to be supported (by me or
someone else) but I can only assume.   So if other know what will going
on for a longer time scale it may make sense to announce with the new
mailing list address also a new list archive address.


    o        Do you have approval of your superiors (or owners of the
     system) to host the mailing list?

    o   What kind of system resources (machine and network) will be
     used?  Want to make sure the system(s) used can handle the
     traffic and is reliable.

    o   What domain will the mailing list be in?  I prefer to have
     the list maintened by a non-commercial domain so no implied
     endorsements and commercial support can be inferred.

My intent is to not make a competition out of this.  However, since
multiple persons have shown interest in hosting the list, some
selection criteria must be used to pick who will do it.

Note, I am grateful for those who are willing to take over hosting
the list since I lack the resources to do it myself.


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