Re: [ADMIN] Looking for a new home for the mhonarc list server

1998-04-23 15:35:10
On Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:15:31 -0700 
Earl Hood<ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu> wrote:

Since there is more than one person who has responded to Achim's
request, I suggest that those who have responded (and may still
respond) please provide the following information:

    o Do you have the time to respond timely to administrative
requests and list problems?

Yes, however as indicated previously I'd prefer a remote administrator
both for greater reliability and to lighten my load.  Its not a large
job -- its just that the wife already misses me too much.  Were I to
host the list and be the de-facto list-owner I'd like Eric (or some
other willing soul) to also hold the various passwords and authorities
to step in and administer the list should I be temporarily unavailable
(eg business trip, family vacation, etc).

Please see the Petidomo docs at <URL:> to see
how extremely easy it is to administer a Petidomo list remotely.

    o If something happens to you (quit job, move, etc ...) that
makes it impossible for you to do you duties as list administrator,
will someone be available to take your place?

The list would run on my home LAN which is on a dedicated 'net
connection.  I don't expect there to be any notable hiccups in
connectivity -- I rely on my home net connection for my living.
Additionally any remote individual with the requisite passwords for
the list can also administer the list fully either by email or web
without my involvement.

    o Do you have approval of your superiors (or owners of the
system) to host the mailing list?

Umm, uhh, yeah!

    o What kind of system resources (machine and network) will be
used?  Want to make sure the system(s) used can handle the traffic
and is reliable.

The list would be hosted on a DEC Alpha (64Meg RAM, 8Gig DASD etc).
The 'net connection is currently on dedicated dialup pending IDSL
installation (due RSN).

    o What domain will the mailing list be in?  I prefer to have the
list maintened by a non-commercial domain so no implied endorsements
and commercial support can be inferred. -- I own and run the domain with no commercial affiliations.

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