Re: [ADMIN] Looking for a new home for the mhonarc list server

1998-04-23 14:48:39
Whoops!  Forgot to cross this to the list (and added last paragraph).

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998 21:20:35 +0200 
Achim Bohnet<ach(_at_)mpe(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de> wrote:

J C Lawrence wrote:

"Safe" is a tough metric.  The list itself would run on a dedicated
mail machine which sits behind the firewall.  While I haven't been
breached yet, I also haven't been seriously attacked yet (just
minor probes).  My preferred list software is a mildly hacked
version of Petidomo (I added a few extra features like split lists)
-- see <URL:> for details.
From the user side its quite transparent.

Upps with safe I mean 'save in time'.  It would not good if the site
hosting the list would change lets say every year.  It would be a
shame if we waste our spare free time we have to support free
software to find a new host.

Sorry for my bad English, Achim

Ah, gotcha.  No worries -- I wasn't sure and guessed wrong (my german
is worse than terrible so just be glad I didn't even try that!).

I can't give you any sort of unconditional guarantee.  I wish I could
as I'd then know a lot more about my own future as well.  <kof> I work
in Silicon Valley -- 'net connectiviy is a required fact of life here.
In the very unlikely circumstance that I am no longer able to host the
list I personally guarantee that I will find a suitable replacement
for myself and my list hosting duties *before* I move on, and that the
transition is transparent to the membership.  I really don't know how
much better I can do than that.  The future is an uncertain beast that
we attempt to tame thru will.  About the only thing I can offer in
evidence is that I have been running the MUD-Dev list in various
incanations for over over 4 years now.

As far as me being hit by a truck -- yep, it could happen, and we'd
then be in trouble.  Of course I'd be in worse trouble...(my wife
would kill me).  The list and such would of course continue operating
on auto-pilot, but there would be nobody at the helm.  For this reason
(and to lighten the load on me) I'd prefer to have a remote list
owner.  The function of the list owner would be to resolve
subscribe/unsubscribe problems, define and enforce the
bounce-unsubscribe rules, etc.  As I mentioned previously Petidomo is
fully and easily administratable via email or web.

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