imap and MS Outlook

1999-01-20 17:37:54

Hi all,

I've successfully installed 2.3.3.  Our setup is such that I send mail using
MS Outlook express and my received mail is stored on an IMAP server.  The
imap mailbox format works great with Mhonarc.

When I send a message with attachements using Outlook
express, the resulting document has the mime multi-part headers and the
attachments get saved just fine.

When I receive mail from folks using Microsoft outlook, the messages appear
fine (with the attachments) inside outlook express.  Unfortunately, the
generated by outlook don't use mulit-part MIME.  Instead, the attachments
inlined as a bunch of uuencoded blocks.  Mhonarc does not recognize them
as attachments.  The resulting HTML file contains the embedded uuencoded

I perused the archives to find out if somebody had written a special text
filter that would save these.  I found one note:
    From: Sascha <Sascha(_dot_)Spangenberg(_at_)ee(_dot_)ed(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk>
    To: mhonarc <mhonarc(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de>
    Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 10:59:14 +0100

regarding the subject but there was no answer.

Any thoughts on how to gracefully accept the attachments generated
by folks using MS Outlook?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,

- Steve

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