Re: imap and MS Outlook

1999-01-21 10:27:58

| On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Stephen Perkins wrote:
| > Unfortunately, the attachments generated by outlook don't use
| > mulit-part MIME.  Instead, the attachments are inlined as a bunch of
| > uuencoded blocks.  Mhonarc does not recognize them as attachments.
| That is because these are NOT attachments according to email standards.

MS uses a botch called TNEF (for "Transport-Neutral Encapsulation
Format").  I had the same problem when I moved all my mail out of Outlook
using IMAP... the attachments are locked up in that proprietary format.

Getting them out again won't be easy.  I tried to write a utility that
would translate them to standard MIME, but even with some help from the
MAPI documentation on the MSDN CDs it was clear it would take a long
time to crack the code.  I can't find anyone else on the 'net that has
tried it.  It sure would be useful!

I'm not clear on this.  The messages I look at (containing a few simple
attachments) have the attachments inlined as uuencoded docs.  I can manually
pull out the uuencoded sections, uudecode them, then open them under
windows.  Is TNEF the format for messages stored mailboxes saved directly
under windows (vs on the IMAP server)?

| It is possible to configure Outhouse to send mail in more Internet
| friendly ways, although it takes a bit of work.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem of rescuing two years'
history in your Outlook mail folders.  :-(

However, it would solve the problem for new messages.  Unfortunately, I was
unable to determine how to do this.  I looked at all the options available
under outlook and nothing seemed appropriate.  Is this an exchange server

Thanks for the comments!

- Steve

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