Re: imap and MS Outlook

1999-01-21 11:01:38
Stephen Perkins wrote:

| I'm not clear on this.  The messages I look at (containing a few simple
| attachments) have the attachments inlined as uuencoded docs.  I can manually
| pull out the uuencoded sections, uudecode them, then open them under
| windows.  Is TNEF the format for messages stored mailboxes saved directly
| under windows (vs on the IMAP server)?

I may have painted with too broad a brush in my message.  Let me describe
more precisely my situation; it sounds like yours may be different.

I moved all my messages from Outlook 98 (not Express) to a UNIX-based
IMAP server, using the Outlook 98 IMAP mail "Account" (or whatever
it's called).  The form they now take is:  every message that had one
or more attachments, is now a multi-part MIME message, with a single
attachment (bearing the MIME type "application/ms-tnef" and the name
"winmail.dat"), in which all the original attachments are buried.

So, to answer your question, TNEF is the format of the "winmail.dat" file.
If you don't have "winmail.dat", but rather separate attachments with
standard MIME types (whether uuencoded or base64ed) for each file, then
I envy you.  :-)

I could still see and access all the attachments from Outlook 98
after the move, because it understands how to process "winmail.dat".
However, non-Microsoft applications apparently don't.

Sorry for the confusion.

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