Re: imap and MS Outlook

1999-01-21 12:47:15
On Thu 21 Jan, Brent J. Nordquist wrote:
Stephen Perkins wrote:

I may have painted with too broad a brush in my message.  Let me describe
more precisely my situation; it sounds like yours may be different.

I moved all my messages from Outlook 98 (not Express) to a UNIX-based
IMAP server, using the Outlook 98 IMAP mail "Account" (or whatever
it's called).  The form they now take is:  every message that had one
or more attachments, is now a multi-part MIME message, with a single
attachment (bearing the MIME type "application/ms-tnef" and the name
"winmail.dat"), in which all the original attachments are buried.

Well, that's odd, because for interests sake I just tried something
like this.

I started composing a message in Outlook 98.  Dragged on a number
of attachments, then saved that message to an IMAP folder.  I then
went and looked at the IMAP folder by hand, and it was exactly how
I'd expect it to be, a multi-part MIME message will all the
attachments correct.

So, what's different about your mail?


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