Re: possible follow-ups

1999-02-10 11:30:25
2 messages with the same subjects are considered to belong to the same
thread and MHonArc writes the second (most recent) one as a "possible
follow-up" of the first (oldest) one.
is there a way to tell MHonArc that "possible" follow-ups should be
considered as new threads ?

thanks for your help,

   I've been studying that topic too these days and my conclusions as
to how MHonArc does the threading are somewhat different. I summarize
them below, without any guarantee, having checked some but not all
of my assertions.

   1/ A message is considered as an *EXPLICIT* follow-up iff its header
      contains an "In-Reply-To" field that points to a message ID that
      is present in the archive.

   2/ If a message is not an explicit follow-up, it is considered a
      *POSSIBLE* follow-up if its subject field matches the
      SUBJECTREPLYRXP regexp *OR* is identical to the subject field
      of an older message. By default the thread index displays a
      "<Possible follow-up>" line before any series of one or more
      possible follow-ups. As stated in the doc that line can be
      modified or removed using the TSUBJECTBEG resource, but the
      possible follow-ups will remain indented.

   3/ Using the SUBJECTREPLYRXP resource it is possible to control
      which subject prefixes - eventually none - will denote
      follow-ups. But apparently there is no way to keep MHonArc
      from threading messages having identical subjects.

   4/ My personal wish would be a new (boolean) resource that
      would tell MHonArc whether or not it should thread messages
      with identical subjects.

   5/ A comprehensive explanation of how exactly MHonArc does the
      threading would be welcome in the documentation.

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