Re: possible follow-ups

1999-02-11 03:47:44
Earl Hood wrote:

---Alexandre Farcy <Alexandre(_dot_)Farcy(_at_)prism(_dot_)uvsq(_dot_)fr> 

   4/ My personal wish would be a new (boolean) resource that
      would tell MHonArc whether or not it should thread messages
      with identical subjects.

This is reasonable.  I did not do one when subject-based detection
was implemented since there was no user demand at the time to
have it.  My impression was users always wanted subject-based
since in most cases, there are implied threads with messages with
same subject.  In the uncommon case when the like subject messages
not part of the same (implied) thread, you just have to accept it.

I.e.  It is all or nothing with subject-based detection.

all right, but would it be hard to have "possible follow-ups" put
outside of the thread ?

How would this be different from having a resource to turn subject-based
detection off?  If on, there is the implication that the messages
should be considered part of the thread.  The default "possible
follow-ups" text that shows up is to give the reader the idea that
the following groups of messages may not actually be part of the
thread.  Since the messages are normally part of the thread, it
is best to have MHonArc group the messages within the thread.

to my opinion, 2 messages with exactly the same subject should NOT be
groupped together within a same thread... for example, monthly postings
with always the same title ("what's new ..." or something like that)
would be threaded, and i would prefer to have them in separate threads.

a resource that would turn subject-based detection (identical subjects)
ON or OFF would be fine to me ;-) 


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