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1999-02-10 13:40:20
---Benoit Thillaye du Boullay 
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   1/ A message is considered as an *EXPLICIT* follow-up iff its
      contains an "In-Reply-To" field that points to a message ID that
      is present in the archive.

The "References" field is also used.

   2/ If a message is not an explicit follow-up, it is considered a
      *POSSIBLE* follow-up if its subject field matches the
      SUBJECTREPLYRXP regexp *OR* is identical to the subject field
      of an older message. By default the thread index displays a
      "<Possible follow-up>" line before any series of one or more
      possible follow-ups. As stated in the doc that line can be
      modified or removed using the TSUBJECTBEG resource, but the
      possible follow-ups will remain indented.

   3/ Using the SUBJECTREPLYRXP resource it is possible to control
      which subject prefixes - eventually none - will denote
      follow-ups. But apparently there is no way to keep MHonArc
      from threading messages having identical subjects.

   4/ My personal wish would be a new (boolean) resource that
      would tell MHonArc whether or not it should thread messages
      with identical subjects.

This is reasonable.  I did not do one when subject-based detection
was implemented since there was no user demand at the time to
have it.  My impression was users always wanted subject-based detection
since in most cases, there are implied threads with messages with the
same subject.  In the uncommon case when the like subject messages are
not part of the same (implied) thread, you just have to accept it.

I.e.  It is all or nothing with subject-based detection.

   5/ A comprehensive explanation of how exactly MHonArc does the
      threading would be welcome in the documentation.

There is something in the FAQ:
However, it is general.  More detailed discussions have been done on
list and seem to be only of interest to developent-minded users.

I have been intending to do a more technical, lower level, set of
documentation, but have not had the time.  The list has been the means
to learn the more technical aspects of MHonArc.


Earl Hood

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