disclose list or archived status of edress

1999-07-07 11:38:36
At 04:32 PM 7/7/99 +0200, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
Al Gilman wrote:

It sounds as though he would like to know before he sends his
message that he is addressing a list of subscribers and a
publicly accessible archive.

Yes, Al, that's my point. No big deal in this case, but maybe a matter
of principle...

The general principle is the CHI principle that the automatic system's
response to user action should be predictable.

If the user is at all likely to care, after the fact, how wide the
distribution of their utterance is; and they might not anticipate from the
way the edress is advertised, then it is better to explain better.

That's a stab at explaining how this [minor in this case] discrepancy does
indeed arise from violating a general principle of good customer service.


Thanks! :-)

/ Gunnar

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