Re: Mhonarc does not appear to be processing my resource file

2000-07-06 15:22:39
I've made some changes to LISTBEGIN and THEAD, and would like to apply them
to my archive.  I specify the rc file with -rcfile, but the changes don't
appear to be taking effect.

Well, as I understand it, the resource settings are stored in the
database, so you don't need to issue -rcfile over and over again after
the first build. However, I'm not sure which takes precedence if you
issue -rcfile at a later date. I imagine the whole archive would need to
be rebuilt with the new resource settings since the message pages are in
static HTML.

When I recently set up two huge archives I was careful to get the
resource settings exactly right at the outset, as I wasn't sure what
would happen if I changed them later.
Gerry Hickman (London UK)