Re: Mhonarc does not appear to be processing my resource file

2000-07-06 17:21:27
What I meant was "If all of the resources are stored in the database;
What is the purpose of the rc file?" Is the rc file primarily for
controlling layout? (This is part of a much larger question that I've
been wrestling with lately.)

Hopefully Earl will be able to clarify, I was just trying to share my
own experiences so far.

In a recent project I had to publish two huge archives to our local
intranet, and after choosing a frames based approach realised I'd need
some serious resource hacking. I decided to use cascading style sheets
for some aspects of the layout and these can be changed at any time in
the future, but the resources gave me some cause for concern. I didn't
want MHonArc to try to rebuild the whole archive, so I decided that once
the archives were built for the first time, I'd never change the

I've implemented three horizontal frames, a navbar, a threads index and
the message pane. It's extremely fast to navigate and you can strip all
the links from the indexes and messages as it's all done by frames. No
messing about with back buttons, previous, next etc. I've used "small"
in the style sheet so you can fit quite a bit on the screen, and added
search using Microsoft Index Server. So far it's a dream and the bosses
are over the moon.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)