Re: Mhonarc does not appear to be processing my resource file

2000-07-06 17:30:12
On July 6, 2000 at 14:18, Mick Szucs wrote:

I've made some changes to LISTBEGIN and THEAD, and would like to apply them 
to my archive.  I specify the rc file with -rcfile, but the changes don't 
appear to be taking effect.

You need -editidx.  With the resources you mention, the changes should
show up when a new message is added.

Also, I've just recently noticed that Mhonarc remembers commands you have 
issued it (I discovered this after issuing -nomsgpgs and discovering that 
it was quite content to stay that way until I specified -msgpgs)  Is there 
a way to switch things like this without doing any work on the 

Look at the mha-dbedit program.  Documented in an appendix section
of the docs and automatically installed when you install mhonarc.

I.E. to switch it back into it's default, message page creation 
mode, mhonarc -msgpgs doesn't appear to work, but mhonarc -msgpgs -add or 
-editidx does.  I'd like to be able to turn a feature on or off without 
rebuilding the archive (one of the archives is now 50,000 messages, so 
being able to run -editidx without message creation is very important.)

If you want to rebuild index pages but not message pages you can
use GENIDX.  Example:

mhonarc -genidx -outdir /path/to/archive > /path/to/archive/maillist.html
mhonarc -genidx -thread -outdir /path/to/archive > /path/to/archive/threads.html

If you have multi-page indexes, than you should probably write a shell
script to do it by setting the -pagenum option in a loop to recreate
all pages of the indexes.

Test things out before overwriting existing index files.