Re: Mhonarc does not appear to be processing my resource file

2000-07-06 17:21:28
On July 6, 2000 at 14:39, ERIC PRETORIOUS wrote:

I'm not sure what you mean, but what ever way you look at it, the rc
files change actual HTML in the message files, so if you change the rc,
what will happen to the markup?

What I meant was "If all of the resources are stored in the database;
What is the purpose of the rc file?" Is the rc file primarily for
controlling layout? (This is part of a much larger question that I've
been wrestling with lately.)

The resource file is for controling the behavior of mhonarc.  Some
resources, like page layout, can only be specified with a resource

For a performance gain, mhonarc remembers resource settings in the db
file since reading resource settings from the db file is faster than
from a resource file.  This way you can intialize an archive with
desired resource settings without the need to respecify for archive
updates.  If changes are required, only the changes need to be

However, common practice is to respecify all resource settings for each
invocation of mhonarc (typically simplier to maintain).  The stored db
settings are still read, but the resources set via -rcfile,
command-line options, environment variables will always override the db
settings.  If there is no change, there is a extra unnecessary

If you always invoke mhonarc with all your resource preferences, you
should turn off the SAVERESOURCES resource.  This prevents settings
from being saved.