Re: date of message in the mailing.html page.

2002-01-16 06:45:29
At 07:59 16/01/2002, you wrote:
I'm new user with mhonarc.
there some powerfull option to use it. But I don't understund how manage the
layout of the maillist.html page. Is there a tutorial to do this steep by

In my article "Posting Email to the Web with MHonArc" at the Sys Admin Journal, 
January 2002 issue I try to explain  how I did to obtain the desired layout of 
the pages generated by MHonArc. See .

Unfortunataly the article is only available in the magazine. You can see an 
example at

The <LiTemplate> I used for the that page is:
<tr valign=top> 
<td><LI>$MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%H:%M)$ [$MSGNUM$]</LI></td> 

You can define the <LiTemplate> in an resource file (indice.mrc for example) 
and tell MHonArc to read this file like bellow:
mhonarc -add -rcfile indice.mrc

I hope this help


When I can do it, I'll try to modify the environement variable .
thank for your help.

thank very much for your help.

kamel latrach
..............................................(_)/ (_)

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