Re: Filename guarantees

2002-01-18 11:31:08
On January 17, 2002 at 15:14, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

What filesystems do not support the characters appearing in valid message

Windows and VMS.  Since message-ids are used for annotations, I
get around this problem by encoding the message-id in quoted-printable
format.  However, for VMS, there are filename length limitations, which
most message-ids easily exceed.  I think I will not bother with
trying to deal with filename length issues since the user base is
very small for such systems.

The quoted-printable trick should be sufficient for special character
issues, but it does add a little overhead.

As a temporary measure, you could use a CGI program that took the message
ID as a parameter, and retrieved the appropriate filename using the
information from .mhonarc.db.  That would resolve the problem of invalid
filenames by giving you a persistent method for retrieving messages
independent of the filename.

This is inefficient, but will work.  A more efficient approach is
to use a db, or dbm, file that maps message-ids to pathnames.  It is
possible to hook such a thing in with the new callback functions
added in v2.5.  Perl has modules for interfacing with various db file


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