Re: Filename guarantees

2002-01-18 11:43:53
On January 18, 2002 at 06:23, Gary Frederick wrote:

I would also like the file names as message-ids.

Is there a list of possible enhancements? (I'm interested in an XMLized 

I keep a TODO list, which is included in the distribution.

As for XML, you can generate XML by redefining the page layout resources.
One limitation I do know of is that you are somewhat limited on
the formatting of message headers.  I.e.  You cannot map message header
fields to specific tags.  You should be able to do something like
the following:

    <value>This is the subject</value>

Of course, the indenting may not be as nice.

You may also have to customize the various filters since they are
geared for HTML.

I do have on my TODO list to change MHonArc defaults to use XHTML.


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