Re: Filename guarantees

2002-01-18 11:34:49
On January 17, 2002 at 22:39, J C Lawrence wrote:

I might also throw in that the M-ID is intended to be unique per
message, but that in some cases (non-compliant, broken mailers or
list-software) it might not turn out to be, so MHonArc should
provide a means of detecting if a M-ID is already used as an
identifier (filename) and then select a replacement one (add a

Given that MHonArc currently generates locally unique Message-IDs
for messages without them < i doubt this is a problem.

Only for messages that do not have message-ids.  This way, the
auto-generation overhead is only done for, hopefully, a minority of
messages.  If Digest::MD5 is being used (which is the case if
installed), there is still a risk of two different messages being
considered the same since the md5 is only computed for the message


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