Automatic linking to a mhonarc archive

2002-08-08 19:00:50
I need to be able to cross-link from another programatically generated web
page to a mhonarc archive - in both cases the pages share common keys,
namely bugids.  This bugid will appear as the first item in the subject line
of all the relevant messages in the mhonarc archive, so I've indexed the
mhonarc archive by subject to group together all the messages related to a
given bugid.

However I need to be able to map from the bugids to the relevant mhonarc
message id.  I can think of a couple of ways of doing this, I could use
the$mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead callback to map between the bugid in the
x-mha-subject field to the message id in the x-mha-index (or should it be
the x-mha-message-id ?), and then store the mapping in an external file, or
I could figure out the format of the .mhonarc.db file and get it from
there.  I'd quite like to link to the appropriate place on the appropriate
message index page, rather than directly to one of the messages, and I can't
see how to do that without picking apart the .mhonarc.db file.  Is there any
easy way to do this that I'm missing?

BTW, mhonarc is remarkably flexible - I've got it to generate some rather
nice-looking archives using CSS (although my .mrc file is getting rather
large ;-)  Nice work - thanks! 

Alan Burlison

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