Re: Automatic linking to a mhonarc archive

2002-08-10 15:12:23
Earl Hood wrote:

To get what you want you will need to use the
$mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead callback since the message header is
"htmlized" right afterwords.

What you will need to do is the following:

* In CBMessageHeadRead:

  Change $fields->{'subject'} directly.  Remember, that the values
  of the $fields hash are array references (excluding the special
  x-mha-... values).  Something like the following should do:

    $fields->{'subject'}[0] =~ s/\b([134]\d{6})\b/bugid($1)/ge;

Tried that already - however the subsequent htmlificaton then goes on to
convert the html link I put in the subject by escaping all the < and >
charaters - aagh!

I wonder if having a CBRawMessageHeadRead may be worth adding.
The callback would be called after a message header is parsed, but
before MHonArc extracts in data from it.  Of course, you would not
have the x-mha-... fields defined at this stage since it would
be before MHonArc processes the header.

I've come to the conclusion that what I want isn't that sensible anyway - I
can just create a resource variable with the html link in it and then stick
that on the generated pages as normal.

What might be more generally useful is a way of overriding the 'sort by
subject' function - for example in my case I could look in the subject for a
bugid, so that mails would sort as I require even if the bugid wasn't the
first word in the subject.

Alan Burlison
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