Re: Automatic linking to a mhonarc archive

2002-08-10 17:57:41
Earl Hood wrote:

What might be more generally useful is a way of overriding the 'sort by
subject' function - for example in my case I could look in the subject for a
bugid, so that mails would sort as I require even if the bugid wasn't the
first word in the subject.

The current code base is not abstracted well enough to make this
clean.  It would require knowing some internals.  Also, and maybe
more important, is the sorting would be slow.  You'd probably have to
pre-extract bug id information and sort on that to avoid extracting
the bug id everytime a key comparison is done.  If you look at the
sort_messages() routine in, you will see that I do some
pre-processing before the actual sort for subject- and author-based
sorting to minimize the comparison computation during the sort.

Yes, a regexp evaluation per sort comparison would be kinda costly.

A potential hack is to actual modify the subject as before, but instead
of trying to put a hyperlink in it, you prefix it with the relevant
bug id.  This way, if you do a subject sort, you may get the kind
of grouping you desire.

Yeah, I wondered if that might work.  This is all *such* fun :-)

Thanks once again,

Alan Burlison
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