Re: Automatic linking to a mhonarc archive

2002-08-13 18:26:54
Earl Hood wrote:

The location of a message on an index page is not known until MHonArc
is writing/editing the HTML pages.  A solution would require two
step process:

1. Use the $mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead callback to store the index
   and message-id of new messages (probably in some kind of hash).

2. At the end of archive processing, go through your hash and
   resolve which index page each new message is listed under.  This
   could be done by calling the mhonarc::replace_li_var() function

    $idx_file = mhonarc::replace_li_var('$IDXFNAME$', $index);

   Where $index is the message index you save in
   $mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead.  Now you should have the
   index filename and the message-id (which you grabbed in
   $mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead) to support your linking.

I've done this, but I don't get a callback to mhonarc::CBMessageHeadRead if
a message is moved between one index page and another, due to the insertion
of an earlier message.  How do I figure out that a message has been moved
onto a different index page?  Would it be better to iterate through all the
messages in say %mhonarc::IndexNum at the end of processing?

BTW, what is the control character stuck on the end of lots of the hash keys
in .monharc.db?  


Alan Burlison
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