Re: Automatic linking to a mhonarc archive

2002-08-10 13:23:47
Earl Hood wrote:

Yes, I've seen that in action on a forwarded message in the archive.  Is
there any way of turning it off and getting forwarded messages treated as

You are confusing two separate concepts.  Format=flowed is documented
in RFC 2646.  The special formatting in the archives is how quoted
text is handled.  Quoted text typically represents text from a previous
message and does not (normally) represent the forwarding of a message.

Ah yes I _was_ confused - thanks for the clarification.

p.s. I sent another mail to the alias yesterday and it hasn't yet appeared.
Is there some sort of moderation on this alias?

What alias?  If you are refering to mhonarc(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org, that 
goes directly to me and not to any list.

If you send mail to the list from an address that is not subscribed,
those messages are manually screened.

Hmm, I'm subscribed but the following doesn't appear to have got through
(attached rather than quoted ;-)

Alan Burlison
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I'm trying to munge the subject and body of a message using the
CBMessageBodyRead callback, to convert bugids into hrefs.  The callback
looks like this:

sub msg_body_read
        my ($fields, $html, $files) = @_;

        # Convert any bugids in the subject to links.
        $fields->{'x-mha-subject'} =~ s/\b([134]\d{6})\b/bugid($1)/ge;

        # Convert any bugids in thebody to links.
        $$html =~ s/\b([134]\d{6})\b/bugid($1)/ge;

This works fine for the body of the message - bugids are nicely converted
into URLs, but in the case of the subject, although x-mha-subject is
modified OK, it doesn't appear to be the subject that is _actually_ printed
out in the mail header, as the resulting html is missing the link.  How do I
munge the *real* subject line?


Alan Burlison
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