Re: Preserving attachment file names

2002-10-21 06:49:12
Use the following:

m2h_external::filter; inline usename subdir
application/chessbase; usename subdir ext=cbv type="Chessbase data"

Of course, you are aware of the security problems of using the
"usename" option.

That this will cause Mhonarc to overwrite any file in the specified archive (specified by -outdir) directory with the same name? Yes. I've sent the archive to a directory far up the tree, that is *not* on any search path for executables. I've also considered using excludeext to exclude any executables from being archived. Do I understand that option correctly, in thinking that's what it will do?

It's probably something simple I'm missing.

Check the raw mail messages to see that the data has been typed
correctly in the message.

Thank you again, Earl.

Have fun,

In God We Trust, all others must supply data

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