Re: Preserving attachment file names

2002-10-21 09:51:16
On October 21, 2002 at 06:56, Arlen Walker wrote:

Of course, you are aware of the security problems of using the
"usename" option.

That this will cause Mhonarc to overwrite any file in the specified 
archive (specified by -outdir) directory with the same name? Yes. I've 
sent the archive to a directory far up the tree, that is *not* on any 
search path for executables. I've also considered using excludeext to 
exclude any executables from being archived. Do I understand that option 
correctly, in thinking that's what it will do?

Yes, usename blindly overwrites, which I should probably change.
However, depending on your web server, operating system, and system
configuration, it can be exploited to place system-type files.


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