Preserving attachment file names

2002-10-20 08:09:32
I have a list archive with three attachments per message: two binaries and a text. All three are receiving the correct name in the link in the archive, but the files, when downloaded, are called binxxxx.bin, rather than ct-671.cbv, ct-671.pdf and ct-671.pgn.

The contents of the files are correct, just the names are incorrect, which means anyone bringing them down will have to rename them before using them.

Is there any way to preserve at least the file extensions, if not the entire name? (This is a controlled list, so files with the same name should be files with the same content, so that's not a problem. As you might guess from the names, we serialize the file names when the files are produced.) Preserving at least the file extensions would help greatly, so at least we could tell which file should be opened with which application.

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