[approved] Re: [approved] From field in ISO-2022-JP

2002-12-02 08:25:47
Thanks a lot for all follow-ups.

;; I posted this message yesterday through, but I could
;; not yet view my message on then I try to resent.

Perhaps, my question was completely FAQ in Perl. I'm verry sorry..

  "Takashi P.KATOH" 
<p-katoh(_at_)shiratori(_dot_)riec(_dot_)tohoku(_dot_)ac(_dot_)jp> wrote:
From: Shinichiro HIDA <shinichiro(_at_)stained-g(_dot_)net>
Subject: [approved] From field in ISO-2022-JP
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 13:28:49 +0900
I think, normaly, should be;
ESC$B>(_dot_)(_at_)n(B &lt;<a 

You're right, and current MHonArc cannot treat this correctly.

I am not sure this for my some misconfigured .mrc file or not. Please
point out, and how to fix this problem.

You may want to use <NOMAILTO>.

Hmm.. It is easy way.

I had thought, it is better if there is some easy way to fix, but now,
I understand that it would be verry difficult to do expression about
E-Mail address with "perl < 5.6.0", especialy in the case the code
is not writen with EUC-JP.


;; Now, works fine with <NOMAILTO>

I'm sorry for I could not show to the list the archives for example,
because I set up MHonArc on closed list for our association in this

ewh> BTW, please have a look at my message to the mhonarc-dev list about
ewh> Japanese support:
ewh> I welcome your feedback,

Thank you!

;; My Perl is 5.00503, this target machine is Cobalt RaQ4, and this is
;; not my personal machine, then it has too big risk for updating to the
;; new Perl 5.6.1 for me.

;; Thank you very much for Earl's iso-2022-jp;
;; MHonArc::CharEnt::str2sgml; MHonArc/ Japanese support.
;; I will try when using next version, and my personal debian (sid) also.

My web pages about MHonArc might help you:

I had reffered these good URIs before, but I was to miss about this point,

Thanks all for this Beautiful software.

 Shinichiro HIDA

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