Re: From field in ISO-2022-JP

2002-12-03 08:11:45

Thanks for your following-up.

ewh> Shinichiro HIDA wrote:
ewh> >> The conversion is based on the same table used by Perl's 5.8 Encode
ewh> >> module.  IBM's ICU package appears to use the same mapping.
ewh> >> Therefore, I am reluctant to apply your diff unless you have some
ewh> >> more information to back up the change.

SH> > ahh.. sorry.
SH> > I refered from; 
SH> > 
SH> >

In <3DEC9667(_dot_)2040708(_at_)konica(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp> 
  Koichi Nakatani <nakatani(_at_)konica(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp> wrote:

KN> What HIDA-san indicated is one of the ambiguities in conversion
KN> between EUC-JP and Unicode.  This issue is described in:

KN> And I agree with Earl because there seems to be no quick solution.

Hmm.. I step on the mine of the browsers?

I noticed &#x301C; probrem, a cause Mozilla(on linux) could not
display this entity (showed white square) mail converted with
MHonArc2002-12-02-snap. Perhaps browser could not display correct size
font. Then I rewrite to &#xFF5E; mozilla could displayed..

Also MS InternetExplorer display diferent char (correct WaveDash?).

;; I do not know what is the correct way now.. sorry.

Original mail wrote in ISO-2022-JP (kara in Japanese).

Perhaps there is some probrem in glyph(?) or font or browsers(?) 
or implementation?.

I tested as follow;

on win2000 mozilla and IE, &#x301C; is looking like little bit
bold weight. then these browsers showed;
 (kara) = (&#xFF5E; FullWidth Tilde)

but win2000 + cygwin + emacs21 + w3m;
 (kara) = (&#x301C; WaveDash)

on Linux + XEmacs21.4.10 + w3m;
 (kara) = (&#x301C; WaveDash)

on Linux + Mozilla1.1;
 (kara) = (&#xFF5E; FullWidth Tilde)

?? ^^;;


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