Re: [approved] Re: [approved] From field in ISO-2022-JP

2002-12-02 12:58:47
On December 2, 2002 at 22:48, Shinichiro HIDA wrote:

I had thought, it is better if there is some easy way to fix, but now,
I understand that it would be verry difficult to do expression about
E-Mail address with "perl < 5.6.0", especialy in the case the code
is not writen with EUC-JP.

I hope to fix this with v2.6.0 of MHonArc.  MHonArc::CharEnt has
been updated to handle iso-2022-jp, and to convert it to Unicode
character entity references (with ASCII data be left as-is).
MHonArc::CharEnt does not rely on any Unicode support of Perl, so
it should work with perl < 5.6 (testers are welcome!).

The decision to be made is if MHonArc::CharEnt should replace as the default converter for iso-2022-jp?

I'm sorry for I could not show to the list the archives for example,
because I set up MHonArc on closed list for our association in this

Takashi was kind to provide a simple example, so there is no
need to open up your archives.

ewh> BTW, please have a look at my message to the mhonarc-dev list about
ewh> Japanese support:
ewh> <
ewh> I welcome your feedback,

Thank you!

Remember, snapshot releases can be unstable.

If you try it out, please do it under a test environment.  I
run snapshot builds on private archives I maintain, but I am able
to rebuild the archives in case of any major screw-ups.


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