Re: From field in ISO-2022-JP

2002-12-03 01:26:22
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--- Shinichiro HIDA <shinichiro(_at_)stained-g(_dot_)net> wrote:
I tested it on other small list. (-;


;; on the Cobalt RaQ4
;; Perl 5.00503
;; <CharsetConverters>
;; iso-2022-jp; MHonArc::CharEnt::str2sgml; MHonArc/
;; default;     MHonArc::CharEnt::str2sgml; MHonArc/
;; </CharsetConverters>

Mr. Ogawa's mailto probrem is gone away!
But it is very hard to read the html source. (I'm wrong something?)

All Japanese characters are converted to Unicode character entity
references, so viewing the raw source does not help much.

And I could not use with Namazu yet in this setting.

Namazu does not support Unicode character entity references, yet.
A thread has started on the mhonarc-dev list related to this, so
you may want to check it out.

;; I could use namazu with;
;; iso-2022-jp; iso_2022_jp::str2html;
;; this version (2002-12-02-snap) also.
;; When I use, I must use <NOMAILTO>.

Yep. has not been changed and it will still be provided.
This issue is to determine if it will stay the default filter
for iso-2022-jp or if MHonArc::CharEnt should be the default.

I found small misunderstand for converting char.

;; perhaps correct.

The conversion is based on the same table used by Perl's 5.8 Encode
module.  IBM's ICU package appears to use the same mapping.
Therefore, I am reluctant to apply your diff unless you have some
more information to back up the change.


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