Re: Show JPEG attachments as inline images by default

2003-08-02 12:02:59
At 02:13 -0500 2003-08-02, Earl Hood wrote:
To override the content-disposition so images are always inlined,
you would have the following resource setting:

 m2h_external::filter; forceinline

I don't see any indication that the is a "default" resource file installed
for MHonArc.
Am I missing something, or do I need to first create a file (probably
starting with the examples/def-mime.mrc file) and go from there.

Is there a "recommended location" for storing the resource files?  e.g. is it
recommended to make a "mhonarc" user or... something along those lines.

Sorry if I'm missing a crucial doc; I just can't seem to see what I'm looking
- Vicki

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