Show JPEG attachments as inline images by default

2003-08-02 00:42:17
I'm considering using MHonArc for a project and subscribed to this list.

A quick scan through the FAQ and docs doesn't seem to address my question, so
I'll ask it here and let you'all point me to the appropriate documentation.

My need is this:

   I am a member of a Yahoo Groups mailing list. Yahoo has announced that,
staring next Friday,
   they will no longer support attachments in the web-based version of the
groups (lists).
   Users who read the list by email will be unaffected.

   I want a simple way to post list mail to a web site for list members to be
able to read
    messages on the web, complete with images. members send a lot of photos
and I want the
    JPEGs to show up as inline images, not as downloadable "attachment" files.

Is there anything "special" I need to do to make this happen? I found a
discussion from 1998
( on
this issue.  Given that nearly 5 years have passed, I'm hoping things "just
work" these days. However, the person who recommended MHonArc wasn't sure if
I would need to dosome "mime-type hook tweaking" to make images show up.

Also Does anyone have any recommendations for MHonARC configuration
modifications that re "desirable" for me to consider at the outset, rather
than finding out about later? :-)
- Vicki

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